The Gentleman Gardener

I took the decision to start the Gentleman Gardener at the end of 2009, before this I was a Production Director working in the manufacturing industry.

I used to look enviously at the in-house gardening team maintaining the grounds of the business, it was a dream of mine to set up my own gardening business one day. So one morning I woke up and decided to take a leap of faith and I enrolled in a RHS course and the Gentleman Gardener was born.

You will find we are very polite, professional and hardworking and most of all love what we do, I look forward to working with you in your garden.

Barry - The Gentleman Gardener


Please call if you have any questions:

+44 (0) 1525 222 451

07541 196384

If you would like a quote or any other information about the services that we offer please feel free to get in touch today.